Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pax Romana- Read it!

I haven't updated about comics yet because, since staticEchoes was formed two months ago, I haven't found much in the world of word bubbles that really warranted comment.

That's changed.

I offer up Jonathan Hickman's Pax Romana for your reading pleasure. Mid-2007 I got into Hickman's first project The Nightly News. If you dig comics, I highly recommend you give that one a read. If you don't like comics, I still think you aught to check it out. You might be surprised. Everything this guy brings to the table is top-notch and actually manages to exercise that gray matter set atop your neck.

Hickman has a very unique art style, presenting his pages and stories in a fashion reminiscent of a magazine layout. It works surprisingly well. Equally important, his stories are fantastic, well thought out and wholly believable. I can't think of many folks working today who do their own books cover to cover and manage to produce such amazing content in both art and word.

I'd like to tell you what Pax Romana is about, but the core of the story has not been revealed just yet. The premise, however, is this: At some point in the future the Vatican decides to send a military group back in time to save the Roman empire and, in the process, alter the course of human history; a history where mankind commits countless atrocities and, eventually, the Catholic religion is all but extinct. Despite that build-up, Hickman promises his book is not about religion, but rather sociology. I don't care what it's about so long as the remaining three chapters are as entertaining as the first.

Pax Romana is a meaty read with lots of art to enjoy and plenty of content to let sink in. Hickman has a brilliant head on his shoulders, so prepare to be blown away with how well thought out and structured his latest work is. This is a truly engaging read.

I know comics are gaining ground in the mainstream world these days, but I also know many still consider them kid books or something meant for basement dwellers when they're not rolling twenty-sided dice. I assure you such is not the case with this title. You like thinkin? You like readin? You like intricate artwork? I highly recommend you give Pax Romana a chance.

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