Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Reviews: Monochroma [PC], Moon Chronicles [3DS]

Here are another couple of reviews I wrote for gaming blend, both suffering from the same setback of having less-than-ideal controls.

First up is Monochroma, a Kickstarter indie darling that looks great, sounds great and tells an intriguing story. If only controlling the character wasn't an absolute nightmare half of the time. The developers are working on a patch to address this issue, so here's hoping Monochroma will get a second chance to shine.

Monochroma review: Beautiful, but nearly broken

And then there's Moon Chronicles, a 3DS remake of one of the few first-person shooters to make it onto the original DS. I was digging the old-school approach to this one but, again, frustrating controls and some balance issues threw a rather large wrench into the cogs, hampering my experience with the game.

Moon Chronicles review: Way off target

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Review: Mario Golf: World Tour [3DS]

I've always been a fan of arcade golf games and, after about a decade of silence, one of the best (and only, really) series in the genre finally returned in the form of Mario Galf: World Tour for the Nintendo 3DS. But does this latest version of the cartoony sports game properly scratch a lighthearted golfing itch? Find out in my review for Gaming Blend.

Review: Mario Golf: World Tour Plays a Solid Round