Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Ledger, Arlovski and Boll

Never thought I'd write those three last names side by side. In traditional Echo fashion, I've fallen a little behind. So, here's a quick recap of a few topics I would have liked to post more on.

Why don't I just post more now, you may ask. Because I'm lazy and currently watching a UFC Fight Night, of course. You can't expect me to pay proper attention to a post and watch a guy get a boot put to his gob at the same time can you? Besides, these are topics I could rant about for hours. Consider my slimming things down a favor. And now, some tidbits for you to consume. Begin consumption now...

Heath Ledger, dead at 28- I could make you a list of the Hollywood folk I would not be surprised to see find their way into the obituaries and Heath Ledger's name would be somewhere near the very bottom. The fact that it may be drug related just tears at my brain. The guy had a seriously decent resume built at such a young age with nowhere to go but up and boom, it's looking like he may have thrown it all away with a handful of pills. Ledger's upcoming role as The Joker in The Dark Knight is one of my most anticipated of the past half-decade. As such, my greatest regret is the thought of what films the man will never get the chance to make. Such a waste.

Arlovski at UFC 82- According to a recent article in the Dayton Daily News, Andre "The Pitbull" Arlovski might not make a televised appearance at UFC 82. According to the MMA Junkie article, UFC 82 may just be too stacked to squeeze in all the big names. With the likes of Silva, Fitch, Sanchez and Koscheck filling in the gaps, at least one "big name" match is destined to find its way into under-card obscurity. With Arlovski's relationship with the UFC on the rocks and his contract running out the moment his next fight ends, it's looking pretty likely Nosvarlovski will only be witnessed draining the lifeblood of his most recent victim for those watching from the stands. Arlovski being one of my favorite fighters of all time, to say this would anger me is a gross understatement.

Boll-b-gone- I guess someone in power in Germany is an avid reader of I call Uwe Boll out for being a horrible blemish on the face of moviedom and, just like that, I may not have to worry about some poor sap being suckered into wasting money on his schlock ever again. The dude was using a German tax loophole to fund his projects and, thanks to a change in legislation, the fund-pond has been drained dry for this wretched hack. Boll will either have to front the bill himself or try to shop his ideas around if he ever expects to waste a $17-million budget again. Sadly, given the way Hollywood is going these days, there just might be some studio exec out there stupid enough to bite. Check out joystiq for the full story.

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