Friday, March 2, 2012

This month in Joystick Division - March 2012

Hells yeah to video game warning labels [Infinite Ammo]
I fully support putting warning labels on our video games...No. Seriously.

Enjoying the seasonal slump in new game releases [Infinite Ammo]
Annual video game release slowdowns don't always have to be a bad thing.

Why Journey is so important [Infinite Ammo]
While Journey receives much-deserved recognition for its various bits and pieces, it should also be praised for creating an experience that can only be achieved in video games.

So, I bought a Vita. Wanna make something of it? [Infinite Ammo]
My three-part PlayStation Vita rant finally comes to a close. I bought one. Here's what I think. (Spoiler: I flippin' love it.)

Don't like the way Capcom does business? Stop giving them your money. [Infinite Ammo]
I know it can be tough, but the best way to let a publisher know you're unhappy with the way they're doing business is to stop giving them yours.