Monday, May 2, 2011

This month in Joystick Division - May 2011

Paper Cuts shows off creative gaming art
Check out these awesome shadow portraits of characters from all over pop culture.

PlayStation's Welcome Back Package: A look at the games
Need help deciding which free games to get once the PlayStation Store is back up and running. Read up on your options here.

Terraria will ruin your life (in a good way)
Terraria released on steam last week. Find out why I've already sunk 24 hours into this more action oriented, 8-bit homage to Minecraft.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse an explosive good time
I got to spend some quality time with the PlayStation 3's latest extreme racer, tearing up the tracks in a world that is literally falling apart around you.

3DS Fan gets Altered Reality Card tattoo
This extreme 3DS fan took his love of the portable console to a whole new level, opting to permanently tattoo his left wrist with one of the images that activates the Altered Reality games.

Sony responds to the US House of Representatives
Following the PlayStation cyber attack, Sony looks to be facing multiple legal battles, including a not-so-happy House subcommittee.

PSN Outage - Gamers talk back
Check out some of the buzzing going on around the interwebs regarding Sony's hacked servers and the events that followed.

Sony offers identity theft protection
As Sony works to rebuild its servers, get the details on the latest branch of their apology package here.