Friday, November 23, 2007

Serra vs Hughes postponed

In an unfortunate turn of events, Ultimate Fighting Championship President Dana White recently announced current welterweight champion Matt Serra will no longer be defending his title against Matt Hughes at UFC 79 next month.

Serra apparently suffered a herniated disc in his lower back during a standard training exercise earlier this week. Set to fight in just a few weeks, it's looking like Serra will now be out of the mix for quite a few months. This in unfortunate for fans of the sport, especially The Jeff and I. We’re heading to Vegas for Winter Road Trip 2007 to watch our first live UFC event and, wouldn’t you know it, the biggest fight of the evening has been nixed. To make matters a little worse, it’s looking like they’ll be adding another under card to the evening’s event and bumping one of the previous “not-so-must-see” fights onto the list of main bouts.

I think I’m going to begin a petition to get Arlovski on the card instead. The man can be ready at the drop of a hat to fight anyone White sees fit to throw his way. He’s way past due for a fight and, damnitalltohell, he deserves to be back in the octagon makin’ dat cheddah. Plus, it’s a well known fact The Pitbull is sustained through the blood of his fallen enemies. For health reasons alone, the man needs to see a fight. For further rantings, my “Arlovski is amazing, White is a douche” post will be coming your way some time in the future. Until then, happy holidays and I’ll catch you back here on Monday.


The Jeff said...
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The Jeff said...

Gots to make that CHEDDUUUHH!!