Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It slices. It dices.

I have a hard time believing I'm the only person excited to see Sweeney Todd, the new musical by Tim Burton based on the dark and disturbingly awesome Broadway play. By "the only person," I of course mean "the only person who doesn't shop at Hot Topic like it's a religion"...Which it's not. Religion is bad. That Totally unique goth-gal working the counter at Hot Topic told me so.

Just in case my above assumption is inaccurate, I better say something to convince some of you fine folks to hit the theaters this holiday season and give this movie a go. Otherwise, I'll be lost in a sea of chainy pants, hairstyles that completely obliterate depth perception and tears. Lots and lots of sad emo-boy tears.

First, as I mentioned, the film is directed by Tim Burton, probably the single best person for the job. I expect his vision of Fleet Street to be just as twisted and shrouded in shadow as ever. Add to that a little Burton flare when it comes to direction, and the story should just sing off the screen. (Sing...Musical...Get it!)

What's even better than the chosen director? The cast. You've got Johnny Depp singing his heart out on-screen for the first time ever and, really, the dude's been batting 1000 for quite some time. I have a hard time believing he would join this somewhat risky project if he did not have complete faith in it.

At his side will be the somewhat predictable Helena Boham Carter, though this is not a bad thing. She's great as the static haired, heavy-eyed, crazy woman, so I can't really think of anyone better for the role. She too has been doing fantastic over the past few years.

Add to these two a supporting cast including Alan Rickman, one of my personal favorites, and a flamboyant Sacha Baron Cohen and you have the makings of what could be a uniquely fantastic film. By unique, I mean unique to films in general. As Burton films go, this looks to be more or less exactly what you'd expect out of the guy. Being a fan of his projects, this does not upset me one bit.


Anonymous said...

i really want to see this too sweeny todd the musical is coming to gammage this year too. not sure if i want to see the musical or movie first...

but if you need someone to see it with count me in....

and if you love alan rickman check out the movie blow dry... it is ooey gooey yumminess
Li'l Doom

Anonymous said...

I've seen the musical and I'm super excited to see the movie! It's a little sad, I've been kinda fan-girl about it since September, not to mention the fact that I'm a theatre girl, so I know all the words to Mrs. Lovett's songs!

-Ryan Winslett said...

That's not sad at all Mrs. Anonymous Lady. I, too, have been geeking out over this one. A movie or two comes around each year that makes me giddy and, by George, this one looks good enough to count for next year as well. Let me know what you think. I aim to see it Christmas day if at all possible, so expect a review.