Wednesday, November 28, 2007

New organizational paradigm

Like many media junkies, I have quite the collection of videogames, CDs and movies. Every now and then I’ll round up a few titles I no longer want and make a trip to Bookman’s for a little extra cash but, for the most part, I don’t buy anything I don’t expect to enjoy multiple times over the years.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to keep me from buying metric crap-tons of games, movies and music. Spanning hundreds of titles, every bookshelf in my home became over-crammed with cases. I am here today, dear readers, to spread the good word of the new and improved organizational paradigm.

Like many of you, I dreaded the thought of throwing out the cases to my prized collection. I thought to myself, “Captain,” (I call myself Captain in my head) “What if I REALLY want to take a gander at the box art to (insert random name here) sometime?”

Finally, it occurred to me that I’ve NEVER gone back to look at the cases. When I want to play or watch something, I find the case, open it and pop in the disc. End of story. I’m willing to bet you’re the same way.

It took a lot of convincing, but I finally just invested in a few 200 CD holders for my collection. After about two hours of alphabetizing and sliding the discs into place, the paradigm was complete. I hauled a few garbage bags full of cases to the trash shortly after and have not looked back since. There’s room on my bookshelves for actual bound volumes now and my life suddenly feels a thousand times less cluttered. It’s an illusion, of course, since I still have all of those discs, but now they’re in a tidy little package that takes up less than a cubic foot of space.

And, in case you’re wondering, all of the sleeves and booklets are now safely tucked into a single, small cardboard box in the closet, just in case I ever get the crazy desire to ogle the classic still created for Bubba Ho-tep.

Take the plunge, my friends. I know it’s frightening, but you’ll feel better for it. And, just so I don’t get yelled at later, I’ll encourage you to recycle those cases whenever possible. Give a hoot and all that jazz.


The Jeff said...

HA! Man, I was totes about to remind you to tell your readers to recycle. Thank God you remembered to do it on your own. For the sake of your face, you see. That's the point I'm making. Get it? Not recycling equals fist to the face.

It's like one of those SAT analogies. Recyclables are to trash, as fist is to face. Did that make any sense at all? No? Do I care? Not in the least.

-Ryan Winslett said...

Speaking of which, I'm checking my notes here and I see you still have three face punches to deliver from a few weeks ago. You really should get those things out immediately rather than letting them build up like this. It's going to be hard tracking those folks down for their late delivery.

The Jeff said...

Yeah, I need a new organizational paradigm for sure. Some faces are most assuredly going un-punched.

PS: Catch Me If You Can is one kic-ass flick. Also surprisingly good is the score from John Williams, who has been copying himself for decades. For this movie, though, he kicked it up to 11. Kudos to you, John Williams. You're almost off the list. Slip up again, and you'll end up like Hans Zimmer. He didn't think I was serious either. Now look at his face... he hasn't been the same since. I don't want the same thing to happen to you, John Williams. I really don't. I'll be awaiting Indiana Jones 4 with clenched fist, amigo. Clenched. Fist.