Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Eyegasm, or, why I can't wait to play Valkyrie of the Battlefield

Have you guys seen this game yet? Good lord my eyes are dancing with happiness. If you've got a PS3 with a Japanese account, you can download this sexy trailer straight from there in glorious high definition. (I highly recommend that option.) Otherwise, clap your peepers on the trailer linked above. From what I gather, Valkyrie of the Battlefield features a story set during World War II where, apparently, epic battles were ridiculously gorgeous and rendered as moving canvas paintings. According to PS3fanboy, it's a tactical RPG with, get this, active attacks. Rather than just point, click and watch an enemy drop, you actually have to aim your weapon and fire. Finally, a TRPG that might manage to hook first-person-shooter fans as well as your run of the mill Final Fanboys. Woohoo! This game can't get to the U.S. soon enough.
image courtesy of famitsu.com

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