Monday, November 26, 2007

GSP gunning for the good ole' boy

Hold the phone, folks. It looks like Winter Road Trip 2007 just got a hell of a lot better. Recently, as in one post ago, I reported the UFC's announcement that Matt Serra, scheduled to battle Matt Hughes at UFC 79, had sustained an injury during practice rendering him incapable of competing on Dec. 29.

Well, Nosfarlovski will not be stepping into the octagon, as I had hoped, but I can't really complain about this latest turn of events. Far from it, in fact. Though the battle of the Matts won't be happening, I'm ecstatic to inform you Rush himself, Mr. Georges St. Pierre, contacted Dana White over the weekend to throw his hat in the ring to take on Hughes in Serra's stead.

That's right, boys and girls. The French Canadian will be getting a third crack at the hillbilly and The Jeff and I will be right there to catch all the action. I don't think The Jeff could have asked for a better birthday present. What's that?...The match will be for the interim welterweight championship? I guess it CAN get better.

Granted, GSP will be fighting at a disadvantage given the fact he'll only have four weeks to prepare for the bout, but my money is still riding on Rush to take the win. Hughes has been training to fight, and now has four weeks to gear his methods towards GSP, but heart has to count for something. If St. Pierre was hungry enough to call in the request himself, I'm willing to bet that appetite will have only grown come time for the match. Also, Hughes has been on his way out the door for a while now while the Franadian is in the midst of his prime. It's time for the dude to dominate. I think I'm more excited about UFC 79 now than I was originally.

I don't know how hard GSP can kick, but I'll be bringing my ball glove just in case Hughe's head clears the fence. Aye-oh!


The Jeff said...

For those new to the blog:

Nos Varlovski (also, Nosfarlovski) - the alias of Andrei Arlovski, heavyweight combatant and part-time vampire. You might think that Nosferatu was the original vampire. You'd be wrong. And you'll get two Belarussian teeth to the neck for your mistake!

And to answer the question that has surely entered your mind, yes, Echo and I are the kind of nerds that thought it would be cool if Arlovski was secretly a vampire. Deal with it.

The Jeff said...

For giving mma fans the dream match we all wanted, Georges St. Pierre will henceforth be known as:

French Canadian Jesus

-Ryan Winslett said...

"Two Belarussian teeth to the neck"...HA! That is assuming he doesn't just rip your head off for the error instead.
As for St. Pierre, I will have to remember Frenadian Jesus for future posts. I think it only fitting.
Thanks again for the edits. I do my best to judge my own content, but you know how it goes with your own eyes catching your own errors. Even obvious ones.
Aaaaand, I'm out...