Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Movie of da week: Rambo

This is a slow week for movies. In my book, anyway. Since you're reading this, I'm guessing my book counts for something in your mind. That being the case, here we go with another weekly recommendation.

Before we begin, I'd like to apologize to anyone who went out and saw Indiana Jones based off my say last week. (Yes, I truly believe I have that much sway over some of your decisions.) I was wrong and if I could give you some money from my wallet to make up for it, I would. Unfortunately, my wallet money is reserved for things like penny candies and Metal Gear Solid 4 at the moment.

So back to this week's recommendation. I'm assuming few of my readers are desperate housewives, so lets skip over Sex and the City, shall we? Also, The Strangers looks like some scary movie goodness done right, but given the recent trend of poop in that particular genre, I'm still too wary to tell anyone to blindly go out and experience any of it.

That brings us to the DVD release of Rambo. Imagine the awesomeness of the above picture going on for about two hours straight. Yeah. Pretty crazy, right? Anyway, go see it.

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