Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Deja vu- A Haze preview

For those in Europe, or at least with a European PSN account, the often-delayed Haze has finally made its way to the Playstation store via a downloadable demo.

At first, I figured the delays were so the game could be fine-tuned. After about delay seven or so, I assumed it meant there would be no saving this title.

Color me surprised.

Haze looks great, feels great, and plays great. So far, though, I've seen nothing to make me believe the title warrants more than a passing glance. With so many top-quality FPS' out there, Haze's final product is going to have to offer something more than what was experienced in my fifteen minute demo runs.

To be fair, I'm not writing the game off just yet. What's available in the demo is little more than a tutorial and, of what you see of it, the use of Nectar (the performance enhancing drug that makes you see better, run faster, take more hits and toss an enemy half the distance of a football field) has potential.

If the story is as entertaining as it hints at being, the arsenal has variety and the Nectar (both using it and exploiting it) kicks it up a notch, the release version of Haze still has potential to shine. Add in a potentially awesome multi-player of Mantel soldiers vs. Mercs., drop-in co-op with storyline and maybe a few more surprises, and Ubisoft's newest addition to the family might very well draw players away from their precious Call of Duty, GTA and, um, Mario Kart?

Pardon the bet hedging (you're welcome, The Jeff), but that's really what playing the Haze demo boils down to. The potential is great and what's available is extremely competent, but little of what could make this title both unique and worth a purchase is on display in the demo.

Fingers crossed for the final outcome. I really (really) want this one to be good.

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