Tuesday, July 28, 2009


What the hell Sci-Fi? It’s taken a couple weeks for this to bother me enough to write about it, but seriously, a name change? And not just that, but you went with Syfy?

And then you say it’s to shed your “nerdy image?”

Imagine, if you will, a guy named Chris. Chris is the biggest nerd you know. He plays computer games, reads funny books and speaks four versions of Klingon.

So, one day, Chris informs you his name is now Bloodstar. Or, to make the analogy a bit more accurate, he informs you his name is still Chris, but now he spells it Krys.

He still lives in his mother’s basement. He still collects action figures. And he still sleeps in a Star Wars sleeping bag when he comes over to your place for a sleepover. Has his name change, in any way, altered how “nerdy” you think he is? Of course not.

Dammit Syfy, you ARE the nerdy channel. You still show all the same campy, terrible horror movies and broadcast all the programs with aliens, robots and squiggily things.

This isn’t a complaint. I love the channel. But how can you expect a name change (especially one so half-assed) to affect viewers’ perception of you?

There’s a channel for women. There’s a channel or ten for sports and music. There’s a do-it-yourself channel, for crying out loud. YOU are the nerdy channel.

I’m not going to start a petition or anything to get the name changed back. So long as you keep showing the same type of programming, it doesn’t really matter what you call yourself. But why take yourself too seriously, especially when ninety percent of your programming involves things exploding out of other things and then going on a killing rampage.

As for you, Cartoon Network, you’re suspect. There are like six shows in your lineup now that aren’t even cartoons. You’re not Nickelodeon. You’re Cartoon-freaking-Network. People tune in to watch *gasp* cartoons.

Fix this problem or I’ll send Syfy to take you down. He can do it, you know. Haven’t you heard? He’s not nerdy anymore.


Jericka said...

The best part about your analogy is that I think that SyFy seems like a female "tween" thing. And Krys is totally feminine. Like Krystal or something.

Haha Sci-Fi! You totally femmed yourself up!

-Ryan Winslett said...

Hi. I just moved here. My name is Syfy. Well, my parents named me Stephanie, but I hate that name. I also love Twilight and, um, I'm a witch.