Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Games to get in July

You hear that enormous, collective sigh? That’s the gaming masses finding a little extra cash in their pockets and time on their hands thanks to the annual summer gaming drought.

Enjoy it while it lasts, kiddies. The October-November cram-fest is nearly upon us wherein publishers try their damndest to get their mitts on that delicious holiday monies.

For now, though, why not enjoy some of those games you still have in the ole backlog from last year’s holiday surplus? I’m still eager to finally get around to Fallout 3. A blogger can dream.

1st- BlazBlue (PS3, 360)
16th- Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman! (PSP)

I’m excited for HIOPB to be releasing this month because it got great scores in Japan and the unique dungeon building gameplay looks like it’ll make for a fun puzzler. It’s also just nice to see these odder titles make their way across the pond.

For those who enjoy a top-notch fighting game, look no further than BlazBlue. From the makers of Guilty Gears (BB. GG. What’s with these guys and repeating letters? Next up, Pragmatic Pummeling.), this gorgeous 2-D fighter features a smaller roster than most games in the genre, but also one of the best and most well-rounded.

Move quickly, if you intend to buy. A “standard” edition comes out later this month, but the “special” edition out right now features a two-disc soundtrack you’ll actually want to listen to and a bonus disc of tutorials, strategies and more. The best part is that this comes at no extra cost.

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