Monday, July 20, 2009

Slightly remodeled

I know what you're thinking, "There's something different about this wicked-awesome blog."

Well, you're right. In an effort to add a face to the content (no matter how confused that face may appear) I've finally let slip a little info about myself. I'm keeping with my promise to not let this turn into a day-in-the-life-of blog, so no worries there. But in the past two years of bloggin', I've received three e-mails (the most recent of which came just last week) from folks wanting to know just who the heck I was.

When the reply "Teh Awesomez" did not suffice, I decided to be a little more personable and finally added a little profile (Located on the left, at the bottom). Don't expect much. Echo is still a man of mystery, after all.

I've also added a handy little search thingy for you to quickly locate any words or phrases you may want to look for on the blog. It hasn't been tested yet, so good luck with that one!
(Update: I have tested the search feature and it works like a charm. I searched for the word "poop." Conclusion: I don't use that word nearly enough.)

Also, the banner is now freaking huge.

That will be all.

1 comment:

peskypepper said...

OMG i'm so proud of you. Showing there is a man behind the mask that is the Static!! p.s. i searched for "t-shirt" and was so happy with the result. yeah, i know you have a tag for rejected t-shirt ideas but i wanted to do it myself! very cool!!