Thursday, April 30, 2009

Movie of the week: X-Men Origins- Wolverine

What has two thumbs and a borderline creepy affection for all things related to the goofy-haired, adamantium-laced-claw-wielding hero known as Wolverine?

This guuuuuuuy.

Nature fans are going to be so pissed this weekend when they go in expecting the sequel to March of the Penguins and instead get a heaping helping of ass-kickery courtesy of one James Howlett.

Old Guy: It says here that it's a story of love, brotherhood, betrayal and revenge.

Old Lady: Oooooh. That sounds swell! I had no idea wolverines live such complex lives.

Old Guy: It looks like that Hughie Jackman fellow narrates.

Old Lady: He's such a hunk. Let's bring the grandkids. It's sure to be an educational treat.

Let's get one thing straight here: Wolverine is not the next Iron Man or Dark Knight. Hell, it's probably not even the next Spider-Man. I'm going in expecting a lot of action, fun/cheesy dialogue and lots of extra holes being added to lots of bad guys.

I don't even care if they butcher the origin story. It's a movie for crying out loud. An action movie that's, technically, the fourth in a series. So long as they don't pull too many punches (and it's better than the abysmal X3), I'm ready to be entertained. Bring on the summer fun!

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