Monday, May 4, 2009

Movies to miss in May

Maybe it's the amount of likely good movies coming out this month that's throwing my gripe game off, but I just can't get too upset about many films seeing a release in May.

With Star Trek, Up, Terminator- Salvation and even Night at the Museum and Angels and Demons hitting the silver screen, I'm too content with my viewing options to trash the stinkers too much...But trash them a little, I shall.

Next Day Air- It's a movie about a pothead who has family troubles, girlfriend troubles, work troubles and friends who tend to get him into even more trouble than he was already in to begin with. I think I've seen a few movies with this premise before and they stopped being good after the first one. Maybe Mos Def will somehow save this one...Though I doubt it.

Dance Flick- I hate that the no-talent Wayans brothers are still making a paycheck. Myself and nearly every movie blogger with two brain cells to rub together have called these types of train wrecks out on a number of occasions and yet they still make enough money to regurgitate a new one every two months. Please, for the love of god, stop going to see these movies.

On DVD- I'm going to reserve judgement on S. Darko- A Donnie Darko Tale until I get to see it for myself, but I'm fairly certain the rest of you should save your money and spend those two hours doing something more entertaining than watching S. Darko, like paper-cutting your tongue.

Then we have the direct to DVD version of Grudge 3. Could it possibly be worse than Grudge 2? I'm not sure how, but I'm banking on "yes."

And, finally, we have Paul Blart: Mall Cop. I committed to not calling out movies on both theater and DVD releases a few months back, but I'm making a special exception for this poopfest. Skip it.

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