Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rejected T-shirt Ideas: Issues

Continuing the long line (three total now!) of rejected T-shirt ideas, I give you "Issues."

For those unfamiliar, these posts feature orignal artwork that looks oddly like the kind of stuff you might see on a t-shirt these days, but probably wouldn't actually sell too well if they were ever actually released on the masses.

Why wouldn't they sell? Because, as the attached example clearly demonstrates, the designs are far too hip to be accepted by the "underground crowd," yet far too gritty and raw to appear on the backs of the Banana Republic folk.

My genious...It torments me.


peskypepper said...

hooray! i was hoping this would make a comeback!

-Ryan Winslett said...

I've got more, I just didn't want to run them all close together and run out of ideas. You better hurry up on that cardejack shirt or I'm stealing it.