Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Games to get in January

Well, December was one crazy month. Sorry about the lack of posts. I was busy with work-related...stuff.

Anyway, here we are in 2009 and the videogaming flood has at last slowed to a trickle. Now that my wallet is officially empty, what little free time I have will be dedicated to blasting splicers in Bioshock, nuking mutants in Fallout 3, slicing aliens in Dead Space, fragging Chimera in Resistance 2, and building "Mr. Happy's Funtime Village" in Little Big Planet. See! Videogames aren't ALL bad.

Here's the list of games likely worth your attention this month.

13th- Lord of the Rings: Conquest (360, PS3)
20th- Star Ocean: Second Departure (PSP)
21st- Skate 2 (PS3, 360)
27th- Afro Samurai (360, PS3)

Afro Samurai looks like a sleek, stylish slash-em-up and Skate 2 (the thinking man's Tony Hawk) will most likely take the excellent formula of the original and simply add to it. No complaints from me.

You can't really go wrong with the remake of Star Ocean 2 and LotR, well, I know it's getting some negative buzz, but I quite liked the demo. So there.

Will I be spending money on games this month? Most likely not. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't. Get out there and do your part for the economy.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a gaming backlog of biblical proportions to get to. See you next year.

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