Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oodles of catchup

Once again, time has managed to slip by, leaving many-a post un-posted. Sorry about that. I like to think you've come to expect it, so don't hold your breath for the usual box of candies and personalized love song I usually throw your way when I screw up. Instead, I'll just give you a bunch of random thoughts on a bunch of stuff that probably deserved full posts....Baby come back! You can blame it aaaall oooon meeeee...

Affliction- Arlovski vs. Fedor: Why the hell would you want to go and bring this one up? You're a jerk. We all saw Arlovski moving steadily into the zone only to get over-eager and dropped like a sack of rocks just three minutes into the first round. I'm trying to forget it ever happened, so stop reopening wounds, ya jerk-face.

My Bloody Valentine 3D: I'm sure without the snazzy 3D effects, My Bloody Valentine probably wouldn't have been as enjoyable an experience as it turned out to be. However, it was a surprisingly decent stalker/slasher flick all the same. Throw in some super-fun 3D where blood, guts and pick-axes nearly fly out of the screen at you, and you've got yourself a wild ride any fan of the genre should not miss on the big screen.

Dragonball- Evolution: Did you guys see the new trailer for the Dragonball live-action movie on youtube? You hear that? That's the sound of my childhood being shat on by a bunch of idiots.

Bioshock: I finally got around to playing Bioshock on the PS3 and this has quickly proven to be one of my favorite first-person-shooters of all time. No joke, it's probably in my top ten games of any genre. Hey! There's an idea for a post! Anyway, if you still haven't played Bioshock, you really should get with the program. This was a fantastic experience.

Twitter: Everyone is doing it. I am, in fact, too cool for school. I must stay true to my edgy, nonconformist nature and hereby call a ban on all things "tweeted." You hear that twitter? You're on notice.

Repo! The Genetic Opera: Since I more or less greatly disliked Saw II through IV, and Repo is from the director of those very films, AND Paris Hilton is in it, I decided to avoid The Genetic Opera like thoughts seem to avoid Paris Hilton's brain.

I went to a recent road show in celebration of the DVDs release (think Rocky Horror live show meets Q and A with the director and some of the actors) and, I must say, it was quite an enjoyable experience. The film was a bit too over-the-top with some of the gore for my tastes, the plot was confusing, and it actually took some effort from time to time to keep watching, but I'm glad I did.

Most of the music is great and some of the scenes were inspired. Repo wasn't what it could have been, and I'm talking in both the good and bad direction. See it with a group of horror fans and you should be in for a fun ride. I have a feeling further viewings will actually result in my enjoying the movie even more.

Check out the films wiki page for more of the story on how it got made and sort-of distributed, and you'll probably be cheering for this underdog as loudly as the mass of fans holding it so close to their make-up wearing, costume donning, fake blood spewing hearts.

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