Thursday, January 29, 2009

Comics: Locke and Key, Resurrection, Kickass

Kickass: This is a comic. This is a very, very good comic. In fact, this is one of the best comics I've read in quite some time. The name suits it quite well. You can pick up issues one through three of Kickass in one volume for the price of a single comic. That's like three bucks, folks. If you like it, issues four through six can be found in singles and that'll bring you up to date on the story so far. Good-good stuff about a boy who decides to be the first real person to dawn a superhero costume and how that impacts himself and the rest of the world as well. Very realistic. Very good. Did I say it was good yet?

Resurrection: Every alien invasion movie ends when mankind finally emerges from the ruble of our fallen cities, the aliens finally defeated, and a time for rebuilding on the horizon. This is exactly where the comic Resurrection begins. The original series was black-and-white with the occasional naughty language thrown around. A ridiculously cheap (I think three bucks. Seriously.) book combining the first six issues (the whole series so far) will be coming out soon completely in color and with all bad language taken out in order to reach a wider audience. As a fan from book one, I'm sad to see the indy feel go, but it's nice to see the publishers really get behind this book and push it into the monthly market. Reminiscent of 24 and full of great characters and plot twists, Resurrection is a read I'd recommend to just about anyone.

Locke and Key- Head Games: Yet another chance for you to get in on a comic book series as it begins. Look for Locke and Key- Welcome to Lovecraft as a trade paperback, but this new arc saw the release of issue one just two weeks ago. So far, it looks to be just as entertaining a read as arc one with plenty of mystery unraveling with the turn of every page. There’s great art, strong characters, and intriguing ideas. From Joe Hill, son of Stephen King, Head Games is looking to be every bit as chilling and entertaining as something you'd expect to see from the master of terror himself. Here's hoping this will be another feather in the cap of an up-and-coming writer.

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