Thursday, July 10, 2008

Movie of da week: Hellboy 2- The Golden Army

What's red and black and awesome all over?

The next two weeks worth of movies, that's what.

This week, the big red guy known as Hellboy hits theaters in a big way. Back for round two, early impressions point to The Golden Army being better than the first in every respect. Considering the fact I really enjoyed the first Hellboy movie, I can't tell you how excited this makes me for the sequel.

Actually, yes I can. I'm very, very excited.

Anyway, consider this your time to be spoiled. When it comes to summer action flicks, the likes of Wanted, Hellboy and The Dark Knight add up to a fantastic July.


Anonymous said...

Hellboy was fun; for sure that director has an amazing imagination, reminded me a lot of his work in Pan's Labyrinth

-Ryan Winslett said...

Completely agree. The story was so-so, but the special effects were outstanding.