Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Spider-wicked: The Spiderwick Chronicles review

Okay, so I realize that header is a bit of a groaner...I apologize.

I almost recommended The Spiderwick Chronicles as my "Movie of da Week" seven days ago and, it turns out, it wouldn't have been a bad move.

I realize most of the folk reading this are probably scoffing at the thought of seeing a "kids movie" but, dang it, I enjoys me a good kids movie. As such, I have no qualms giving one its kudos when earned.

Spiderwick earns them kudos. It earns em good-like.

Being a Nickelodeon film, I was actually quite surprised with how many risks director Mark Waters and company were willing to take. I would definitely not take my niece to see this one. The monsters are loud and in your face, some of the content is a bit mature and the action gets intense at times.

This adult edge, coupled with a cast willing to take the material seriously, a few decently deep moral dilemmas, gorgeous special effects and nice character development, makes Spiderwick a perfectly accessible fantasy film for older kids and adults alike.

When it comes to the countless children's novel-turned-movies out these days, it's nice to see some folks are still willing to put in the time and attention necessary to craft a solid picture rather than just cash in on the name.

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