Monday, June 28, 2010

Read it: Mystery Society

Mystery Society is a new comic from co-creators Steve Niles and Ashley Wood with art done by the amazingly talented Fiona Staples.

Something like a cross between Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Warehouse 13, this book follows the tale of Nick and Anastasia Hammond, two super sexy mystical keepers of the peace (and thieves) who decided to put together a team to help them keep up with an ever-building workload.

When something goes wrong because an ancient artifact or magical item falls into the wrong hands, these folks are the ones who fix the boo-boo.

Book one follows Nick into Area 51 where he fights soldiers and robots to recruit a pair of twins with supernatural powers. Back home, Anastasia finds herself in a battle against a skull-mask-wearing zombie girl who heard about the Mystery Society and decided she wanted to join. Fun, right?

The stories are tied together by a humorously ordinary phone conversation between Nick and Anastasia as they each try to deal with their own batch of problems including flying bullets and undead kung-fu.

The first issue was a fun read and, like I said, the art is beautiful. I’ll definitely be sticking around for this one.

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