Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday mini-movies: Fake Green Lantern trailer edition

I forgot Ryan Reynolds is playing The Green Lantern in the upcoming film adaptation of the comic and stumbled upon the above trailer by accident.

Without noticing the “this is a fan-made trailer” warning, I had my mind blown for a good minute before realizing, “Wasn’t that a scene from Serenity?...And wasn’t that a scene from Star Trek?...And wasn’t that a scene from-Ooooooooh.” I spent the rest of the time continuing to have my mind blown by how much effort this must have taken.

So, yeah, this is pretty awesome and I think the folks responsible deserve loads of attention for creating such an impressive bit of fake advertising.

Now let’s just hope the actual The Green Lantern movie shows as much love for the story and attention to detail as the fan-made trailer.

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