Monday, November 16, 2009 turns two!

Wow. Has it been two years already?

It's hard to believe. One the one hand, it feels like just yesterday I was firing this thing up with no real idea of where it was going. On the other hand, going back over all those posts, there sure have been a lot of good times en route to this, the two year anniversary of staticEchoes where I still have no idea where the damn thing is going.

But hey, I've stuck with it. And so have you, my beautiful and intelligent readers. We are nothing if not aimlessly somewhat dedicated.

In short, thanks a heap for making a part of your internet perusals. It's a big world of information out there and, though not a lot of what you'll find here can be filed as legitimate "information," I'm honored you clicked over to check the blog out. To first time visitors I say "Welcome. What took you so long? We've been quite busy." To those who have been along for the ride since day one, you are why I do this.

Here's to another year of not-all-that-regular posts, Monday mini-movies, rejected t-shirt ideas, comics, movies to miss, games to get, rants, raves and more!


Jeff The Jeff said...

Happy birthday, staticEchoes.

May the next year be filled with many more poop jokes and pedestrian-yet-hilarious photoshops.

Your friends at

jess said...

and more t-shirts!!!