Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Movies to Miss in October

There’s a lot of straight to DVD horror movies on the shelves this month, but some of those are kind of supposed to be bad, so I’m not including them on the List-o-Poop for October. I think horror is just about the only genre where being bad can also mean being very good. Gotta love those monster movie ripoffs shot over a weekend for the cost of 12 value meals and a case of soda.

Then again, as will most likely be evident by a couple flicks listed below, sometimes a bad horror movie is just bad. Really, really bad.

Free Style- When I first read-up on this film about a boy (who looks 30) and his quest to become a motocross world champion, my first thought was, “Oh. Well, this has got to be going straight to the Disney Channel. I’ll cut it some slack.” Then I saw the trailer for its impending big screen release. Really? I mean…Really?

The Stepfather- This could actually best Saw as the worst “horror” movie of the season. A guy returns home from the army (convenient) to discover his mom’s new boyfriend seems to have a dark and disturbing side. Is he hiding a secret? Could there be a killer locked behind those seemingly kind eyes? *raspberry* Who cares?

Saw VI- I think how fondly I remember the first Saw film is exponentially decreased by the number of crappy sequels in the franchise. At this point, we’re in the negatives. If memory serves correct, I went in to see Saw I and immediately went on a screaming rampage and burned down the theater.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen- I once again ignore my rule not to call a movie out twice (once in theaters and again on DVD) in order to fling a little mud at the sequel to the barely passable first Transformers film. I understand this more or less HAS to become a trilogy, but so help me, that better be where this crap ends.

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