Friday, October 9, 2009

Review: Zombieland

What is it with monsters these days? It’s like they’re awesome, then suddenly everyone is too cool for them, then we move on to a new monster to adore and repeat the process.

While the vampire craze is starting to die down a bit (thank god), zombies seem to be back on the rise. (Get it!) From movies to videogames, if it ain’t out for brains, nobody wants to her about it.
All of that, somehow, leads us to Zombieland, the latest horror/comedy about everyone’s favorite ambling undead cannibals.

Following the tales of Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock (since people are only known by where they came from in Zombieland) the film takes viewers on a quick trek through post-apocalyptic America following the zombie outbreak.

The undead actually take a back seat in this film that wisely chooses to focus on the main characters and their relationships rather than simply splash one graphic kill scene after the other on the screen.

The kills are there, and boy are they awesome, but even more interesting is this rag-tag group of survivors learning to live for the little things.

I feel bad for Jesse Eisenberg, a.k.a. Columbus, who plays an awkward recluse who has managed to survive the zombieocalypse thanks to his strict list of rules. He does a fine job in the role, but I couldn’t help but feel he was a blatant substitute for Michael Cera. Not his fault, I’m sure, but the two even look a lot alike. Never mind the fact they have the same voice and delivery.

It doesn’t matter who took on the role of Columbus, though, or any of the other roles for that matter, because they would have all been easily outshined by Woody Harrelson. The dude is a better actor than most give him credit for and, once again, his portrayal of the stereotypical badass survivor is pitch perfect.

Really, in a movie like this, the cast makes or breaks it. Lady stars Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin are easy to attach to as sisters with an edge and a certain cameo, I don’t want to spoil it, offers up some of the best laughs in the film.

There’s plenty to love in Zombieland. It’s warm. It’s hilarious. It’s a winner.

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