Friday, March 20, 2009

Rejected T-shirt ideas: Fire Escape

Continuing the staticEchoes fashion line with the latest in spring offerings, we proudly deliver this design for the universally popular rejected t-shirt campaign.

Marvel at its simplicity. Revel in the agony. Swim in the punny nature of it all.

Once again, I don't think any company (even Hot Topic) will ever allow such an image to appear on their clothing. Therefore, feel free to print it out and iron it on. Extra points for e-mailing pictures of you wearing any of the rejected t-shirt images.

Extra extra points for finding a way to deface public property with said image. This art belongs to the people, folks. It needs to be released upon the masses.

I mean, just look at it...Such a raw, emotional image...It simply cannot be contained.


Anonymous said...

YAY! My life is complete you did another t-shirt!!!
and now i gotta work on a stencil to paint around sun city of this guy! Fire escape. Most excellent!

Dusty, Kimmy, Niran & Calvin said...

I think this shirt would only be rejected by the stupid club, because I think the Awesome Club would wear it. BTW: I'm not only a member of the Awesome Club, I'm the janitor.