Thursday, March 5, 2009

Movie of the week: Watchmen

Golly-gee-whiz. What movie could I possibly pick for this week? Gotta pick something for folks to watch this weekend...Let's see...Let's see...

I'm gonna go with The Watchmen.

Why did I put "The" in front of the title? Because the fanboys out there hate (and I mean hate) when people attatch a "The" to the front of the title.

Why? Because they're idiots.*
Moving on.

Since this movie is seeing quite a bit of controversy, let's get a few things straight. No, I don't expect Watchmen to be a spot-on translation of the comics. No, I'm not upset the extra content (Black Freighter and some back stories) has been removed. The film is nearly three hours long and some of that stuff will be on the DVD. I'll survive. And finally, yes, I expect about fifty percent of the people who go see the movie to bash it soundly due to unrealistic expectations and a severe case of head in ass rather than providing legitimate complaints (and I'm sure there will be plenty of legitimate things to complain about).

Go in expecting a gorgeous, decent re-telling of a fantastic story and you should be in for a good (albeit long) experience. Then again, it might very well suck.

In short, go watch Watchmen and, as always, I invite you to share your thoughts on the film in the comments.

*As a note, I love the Watchmen graphic novel. Getting butt-hurt about someone adding "The" to a title, however, is idiotic. Hence, I called those folks idiots.**

**This is about as annoying as when someone who has learned a bit of Japanese or follows anime gets all high and mighty about proper pronunciation of a Japanese word. Correcting/educating someone is one thing. Being an ass about it is, well, assish.

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