Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Movies to miss in December

December is a tricky month. I had to be extra picky in order to even come up with a decent selection of movies to warn against.

Even more upsetting is the fact I'd actually like these titles (some of them, anyway) to be good. Here's hoping I'm wrong on a few counts.

Punisher: War Zone- I'm one of, I believe, seven people who actually enjoyed the most recent Punisher film. Not as edgy as the comic, but still, I liked the movie. While War Zone looks truer to the printed page roots, I can't help but feel this should have been a direct to DVD adventure. Hopefully the body count makes up for the crappy dialogue.

Yes Man- I'm guessing all the good parts were in the over-stuffed-one-liner trailer, and even those scenes weren't that funny. Dammit, Carrey. Sometimes your work is solid gold, and other times it's...well...Fun With Dick and Jane. Hopefully I'm misreading this one.

The Spirit- I really, really want this one to be fantastic, but there's a nagging in the back of my brain insisting there's no way The Spirit will be worth my $9 movie ticket. Le sigh.

Valkyrie- A period piece absolutely has to feel authentic. I'm not saying everyone needs to speak German, but at least get all the actors on the same damn page. Also, I don't hate Cruise like most of the world, but I just can't take him seriously while he's wearing that damn patch and talking like Maverick. No dice.

On DVD- And let's not forget the DVDs we should all be avoiding this holiday season. I'm looking at you Mamma Mia and Mummy 3.

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