Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Games to get in December

Christmas is nearly here and this post’s stocking is nowhere near stuffed. Looks like developers tried to cram all their top titles into the Oct-Nov window in order to be on the shelves for the ever-important holiday shopping season. Even the Wii and DS have slim pickings overall.

Just because the bounty isn’t exactly bountiful, though, doesn’t mean nothing good is coming out this December. Take a gander.

2nd- Prince of Persia (PS3, 360)
9th- Persona 4 (PS2)
9th- Sonic Unleashed (PS3, 360)
16th- Rise of the Argonauts (360, PS3)
22nd- Rock Band 2 (Wii, PS2)

Hold the phone! Two stand-out titles for the PS2? Though games have slowed to a trickle for the system, I’m still amazed to see the “last gen” PS2 doing so well against all the bells and whistles of new gen gaming.

Prince of Persia is already being unconditionally loved by the masses, so you can’t go wrong with that one. Persona 4, as well, is looking to be a AAA RPG for the PS2, IRL…ROFL?

However, my pick for possible surprise BA game of the year is going to Rise of the Argonauts. I’ve been following this one a while and, if everything comes together in the end, it could likely be one of those diamond in the rough titles that goes woefully under everybody’s radar.

So, what games are you guys and gals hoping to to see under the tree this Christmas?

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