Friday, October 10, 2008

Movie of the week: Quarantine

In case you folks hadn't noticed, it's almost Halloween. Woohoo!

Nothing better to get you in the holiday spirit than a crap-your-pants horror flick that looks like it (what's that?) might actually be pretty dang good.

Quarantine is a remake, so I can't exactly call it original. However, with titles like Saw V hitting the screen in a couple weeks, this is the closest thing you'll get to a breath of fresh, albeit blood-soaked, air in October.

One part 28 Days Later, one part Blaire Witch, Quarantine revolves around an apartment building that gets closed off to the outside world when one of its residents contracts a nasty virus.

News outlets claim there is nobody left in the building, but a "videotape" recovered after many, many horrible events paints a different picture. Not only was a reporter, her cameraman, and several other residents still inside, but they just so happened to be locked in with an infected, blood-thirsty madwoman with a mean streak a mile long.

I'm not exactly expecting poetry here. So long as the frights are plenty and everything surrounding them is bearable (cast, know, the small stuff), I'm thinking Quarantine might be the Halloween movie of choice this year.

Sorry about the recent lack of copious updates, by the way, things have been crazy. Please accept this digital cookie *hands you digital cookie...digitally* as an apology.

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