Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Games to get your blood flowing

With only a couple weeks left until Halloween, I'm sure some folks out there might like to do a little prep work before the big night. To that end, I offer up two videogames guaranteed to push your nerves to the limit. Both are available for the PS3 and 360 riiiiight now.

Silent Hill: Homecoming
Silent Hill, originally expected to be a Resident Evil clone, debuted on the Playstation One and quickly put all preconceived notions to rest. Heavy on atmosphere, Silent Hill was less about well-trained police mowing down zombies and more about Joe Average just struggling to survive in a world that seems like it's been ripped straight from hell. Homecoming, the series' fifth console installment, follows a soldier on leave in search of his brother who has gone missing in, you guessed it, Silent Hill.

While the main character is more adept at combat, what with his military training and all, Homecoming promises to stay true to the seris' roots, keeping the horrifying atmosphere thick with fog, a stellar soundtrack and plenty of deranged nasties to ruin your weekend.

While I'm excited to take my next blood-soaked romp through every one's favorite possessed town, I'm even more excited to try my shaking hands at...

Dead Space
So maybe survival horror in space isn't exactly the most original concept, but never has it looked so inviting on the console front.

A new franchise, Dead Space revolves around a ship mechanic who discovers his latest assignment just so happens to be a ship infested with gruesome necromorphs; horribly twisted human bodies reanimated from the dead.

With an arsenal of makeshift weapons at your disposal and advantages to knowing which part of a monster to slice off--not to mention sections entirely in zero gravity--Dead Space looks to supply plenty of frights in what could be the next big series in this slim-pickings genre.

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