Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Review: Jackass 3D

It’s kind of hard to review a Jackass film. There’s no acting or plot to speak of. There’s little in the line of a soundtrack and, while some of the camera work is pretty great, I wouldn’t exactly call it “cinematography.”

Fans will see Jackass 3D in hopes of laughing their butts off and being grossed out, and, for the most part, the film delivers. While this would be my least favorite of the series, there’s still plenty here to keep you and your friends talking long after the credits have rolled.

After so many years of watching these guys perform this shtick, it simply feels like 1) The gang is running out of ideas and 2) Most of their hearts just aren’t in it anymore. The closing credits leave one feeling like this film is being used as a sort of send-off to the long-running series, so let’s hope they stick by that and decide to go out while the welcome is still warm.

Some of the 3D effects are pretty fantastic, so it’s definitely worth the extra four dollars to get that experience.

While this latest iteration may not have gone off as well as I would have hoped, I’d be lying if I said my face and gut weren’t hurting on several occasions from laughing (or cringing) so hard. While some of the bits fall a bit flat, others soar high and remind you why you love this kind of crap in the first place.

Jackass fans can rest easy knowing there’s plenty to enjoy here, but I can’t help but reiterate my hopes that the gang will finally call it quits after this. Like the drunk frat guy who shows up to the party to make everyone laugh, the antics are finally starting to lose their luster here in the wee hours of the morning.

Also, there are some things in this world you can never un-see. Consider yourself warned.

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