Friday, April 9, 2010

UFC 112: Invincible- Echo calls it

This month's PPV card might have one of my favorite posters of all time. Not a huge feat, considering how terrible most of the posters are, but I really dig this old school look.

But we're not here to talk about promotional material, are we? No. We're here to talk about the actual fights...FIRST, though, I will also mention this is the first subtitle to a card I've been okay with in a long time. Silva and Penn are both defending their belts and, chances are, they will both live up to that catchphrase.

And with that, NOW we'll talk about the fights.

Kendall Grove vs. Mark Munoz
Grove tends to end fights quickly and he's got a ridiculous amount of heart. Munoz only ventured up to the big leagues a year ago and Grove is going to be his biggest challenge yet. Unfortunately for Munoz, it will be a challenge he can't overcome. Grove is going to utilize that height and reach of his to keep away from the takedown and, once he sees his opening, it's going to be lights out. Don't look for this one to go past the opening round.

Terry Etim vs. Rafael Dos Anjos
Dos Anjos can't finish a fight and Etim is on a roll. This one isn't going to remain standing very long. I figure Etim will figure Anjos out by round two and, once in a dominant position, go for the submission. Beep bop boop.

Matt Hughes vs. Renzo Gracie
A few years back, when Hughes was fighting another member of the Gracie family, he made a couple comments about how older fighters need to know when it's their time to call it quits. I think Hughes will need to heed his own words soon, but maybe I'm not giving him enough credit. Just look how well Couture is doing in his silver years. (That's a term, right?) Anyway, Renzo is a world-class combatant, but Hughes has a ridiculous amount of experience and skill when it comes to tussling in the octagon. Then again, Hughes hasn't fought in about a year and he hasn't finished a fight in four. This is almost certainly hitting the mat with Hughes taking the dominant position, putting Gracie on his back, where he might just be at his most comfortable. I see this one going the distance with Hughes likely to edge out the decision.

BJ Penn vs. Frankie Edgar
Frankie Edgar may be "The Answer," but not when the question is BJ Penn. (Man am I ever so clever.) At 155, Penn looks about as good as he ever has and that's saying quite a bit considering how talented this man is. Edgar has the wind to take this match through all five rounds if necessary, but I don't think Penn is going to let it get that far.

Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia
Anyone know what the odds are on this fight? Considering the fact Silva is about to set the all-time win streak record, a surprise upset from Maia could make one very crazy betting man filthy rich. I honestly don't have my eye on anyone to take Silva's belt away. He's just too damn good and so far removed from everyone else in the division. I say we send him on up to the heavyweights without actually having him put on the extra pounds. Maybe then he'll at least break a sweat. Maia is going to need to get the takedown quick if he has any hopes of ever surviving this fight, but Silva's laser beam strikes and stellar takedown defense are going to make that an impossibility.

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