Monday, January 4, 2010

Games to get in January

For those experiencing a sense of time-warp, I assure you it is not, in fact, November. With Modern Warfare 2 dropping this past fall, many publishers pushed back release dates to keep from having to compete with the bazillion pound gorilla that is Infinity Ward’s flagship title.

But what happens when everyone runs to the next room to avoid overcrowding the one you’re already in? You effectively crowd that room instead.

We’re in January now and, for the next three months, it’s going to feel like Christmas all over again. What we have here is enough content to keep everyone busy through the entirety of 2010. We’re only one month in, folks. Better pace yourself.

5th- Darksiders (360, PS3)
5th- Bayonetta (PS3, 360)
12th- Army of Two: The 40th Day (360, PS3)
12th- Lunar: Silver Star Harmony (PSP)
19th- Dark Void (PS3, 360)
26th- Mass Effect 2 (360)
26th- MAG (PS3)
28th- No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (Wii)

Holy crap I need to set up a Gamefly account. There’s just too many games and far, far too little time to get through them. Sadly, too many of these titles will have to go on the backburner as I carefully budget my gaming funds over the first quarter of the year.

I have yet to experience the joys of Mass Effect but I’m assured it’s a top shelf Sci-Fi epic. I expect the release of the sequel, with much improved combat, to be another huge success.

I’ve been waiting on Dark Void for quite some time, but early looks aren’t sounding overly positive. I still say give ‘er a rent, though.

Darksiders and Bayonetta will be duking it out in the action/adventure category and both games look to be worth every bit of attention they receive. Flip a coin on these two, you’re likely to be pleased no matter which side comes up.

Army of Two had its flaws but man was it fun to play with a friend. Hopefully a longer story, better online options and improvements to various aspects of the game will equal an even more entertaining co-op package.

Lunar is coming out on the PSP. If you have not played Lunar, I highly suggest you pick up this enhanced version of one of the best RPGs out there.

No More Heroes was a critical darling but ignored on the store shelf. Hopefully Wii gamers won’t make the same mistake twice when Desperate Struggle drops late in the month.

And finally we have MAG. I dug the beta and recent videos and screens look like the folks over at Zipper have used the past few months to make the game look and play even better. For a huge war experience, you really can’t do better than 256 players on epically large maps. Despite the sheer size of the experience, the game’s squad focus, class system and evolving missions keep everything organized and manageable.

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