Monday, August 4, 2008

Games to get in August

For me, August and September are stacking up nicely against the ole wallet. With the exception of downloadable games like Siren- Blood Curse, Bionic Commando- Rearmed, Ratchet and Clank- Quest for Booty and Castle Crashers, I have little to be excited for on the retail game front.

Just because my tastes aren’t satisfied, though, doesn’t mean I don’t recognize a quality title for bigger fans of the genre than myself. Here’s the list of games to get for this month.

12th- Madden ’09 (Every console imaginable)
26th- Disgaea 3- Absence of Justice (PS3)
26th-Tiger Woods PGA Tour ’09 (PS3, Wii, 360)
26th- Tales of Vesperia (360)
31th- Mercenaries 2- World in Flames (PS3, 360)

I have a hard time sinking sixty bucks into a sports game, especially when said sports game will drop in price by 95 percent once next year’s iteration comes out, so you guys go right ahead and enjoy the Madden and Woods goodness. XBox continues its quest to draw a wider fanbase with another RPG offering in Tales of Vesperia, and Mercenaries 2 should be every bit as fun as the original.

Not much to offer on the Nintendo front, and I’m guessing that has something to do with Fishez and Generic Wii Mini-game Collection Volume 15 taking up all the shelf space.

There’s a Harvest Moon duo late in the month for the Wii and DS and Mario Super Sluggers for the Wii as well, but I’m too wary to recommend either until I’ve seen more to make me believe these titles have something worthwhile to offer. At this point, simply waggling the Wii-mote isn’t enough. (More to come in a future Nintendo shovelware rant.)

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