Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reviews galore and School Idol Festival

It's been a super busy month; one where I've managed to cram in a whole lot of reviews. You can check those out by following the links below, covering everything from Destiny's latest expansion to a new pinball table from Zen Studios.

I also managed to fall into a deep, dark abyss on the mobile market known as Love Live: School Idol Festival. Hit the link to find out why I've been so addicted to this sugary-sweet rhythm game, and why it is one of the few free-to-play games I think is actually worth your time.

Toren review: A flawed tower that's worth the climb

TowerFall Dark World review: It's a bullseye

Lost Orbit review: Fast, furious and tons of fun

Zen Pinball Portal review: Fun with science

Destiny House of Wolves review: Leader of the pack

Love Live: How I got addicted to a school idol game

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