Saturday, October 8, 2011

This month in Joystick Division - October 2011

Rochard rocks hard - Review
Find out why I dug this puzzle/platformer and all its low-gravity, mind bending goodness.

inFamous: Festival of Blood a Halloween treat - Review
Find out why inFamous fans will want to head back to New Marais to take on a vampire horde.

Fighting with physics: An interview with Rochard's Hulu Virtanen
Recoil Games treated gamers to a great side-scrolling physics-based puzzle romp with Rochard. Hear about the game's origins, development and more from Lead Designer Hulu Virtanen.

Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken doesn't quite soar
It looks great and pulls off all the basics of puzzle platforming/shooter well enough, but a lack of original ideas kept me from being too impressed.

Top video game Halloween costumes
Check out some of our favorite Halloween get-ups inspired by the world of video games.

Top 5 video game characters to have on your side during the zombie apocalypse
You're probably sick to death of zombies, but that doesn't mean the undead aren't still a very real threat to the continuation of the human species. Here as some folks you might want to keep in your survival party.

Metal Slug 2 still an absolute blast - Review
The game may have come out more than a decade ago, but this NeoGeo classic sure has aged well.

The top 5 games for the Nook Color
Having trouble sorting through the app store to discover worthwhile games on the Nook Color? Here are some recommendations from yours truly.

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