Monday, July 4, 2011

This month in Joystick Division - July 2011

Top 10 worst video game box art
Check out some of the video game box art designs of all time. Fair warning: It’s about to get ugly.

Chinese couple sells children to fund gaming lifestyle
Believe it or not, these types of people actually exist. It's a sad, sad world we live in sometimes.

 Five games to play during Comic-Con
Can't hit the road to Comic-Con this year? Play these five comic book games instead.

Remembering the good ole' days of gaming
How an obscure Japanese cooking game called Ore no Ryouri helped me remember the simpler days of my gaming life.

Microsoft Pours $15 Million into U.S. Classrooms
Microsoft looks to help improve the U.S. educational system by providing funding for equipment, training and more.

Runespell: Overture just shy of a full house - Review
Part RPG, part puzzle game, Runespell turns epic battles into a pretty entertaining version of poker. But, you know, with spells and monsters and stuff.

The top 10 (fake) video game movie trailers
While video game movies might not be all that great, at least these trailers for fake video game movies are awesome.

Yakiniku Bugyou: A grilling puzzle game? - Review
Monkey Paw is making a name for itself by bringing formerly Japan-only PSX games over to the American PSN. This latest entry in their bizarre library is a fun puzzle game about...grilling?

The top five games to celebrate the fourth of July
Here in 'Merica, we love ourselves some video games. Find out which five titles will keep those patriotic juices flowing through the Independence Day holiday.

Seven games to keep you cool this summer
Why go out into the heat when you can crank up the AC and enjoy these "cool" games instead?

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