Sunday, January 30, 2011

This week in Joystick Division

I'm shifting gears with my Joystick Division posts here on staticEchoes.

Rather than put up links to everything I write for the site, I'll instead be focusing on the reviews, features, bigger stories and those that start some sort of dialogue in the comments sections.

Think of it as an archive of my games stories that go beyond the daily press releases and quick news bits. If you don't feel like following all the info on, you'll still be able to see my bigger posts right here every week or so.

Jan. 16-29
Little Big Planet 2 review
Media Molecule's latest PS3 exclusive promises to be bigger, better and more creative than the original, all while creating a platform for players to build their own games. But can one game deliver on all those promises?
The seven best uses of food in video games
Food often plays a big part in video games. Check out this list of the seven best uses of food in video game history.
Modern Combat: Domination review
Gameloft surprises the FPS world with an $8 downloadable title that features all the explosive action of a great shooting experience for a fraction of the store shelf price.
New game labeling act goes a bit too far
Should video games be treated the same as alcohol or tobacco products? One congressman seems to think so.
The Playstation NGP revewl- An analysis
Sony has pulled back the curtain on its Next Generation Portable, following up on the PSP with what appears to be a solid design and loads of tech under the hood. But how much will this newest gadget cost and, more importantly, will the support be there to provide top-notch games?

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