Friday, October 29, 2010

Last Minute Halloween Costumes III

There’s only a couple days until Halloween and you are without a costume idea. Never fear. Staticechoes is here to once again save the day with some last minute costume ideas that range from brilliant to “why would you even think of that?”

Where’s Waldo?
Similar to my “invisible man” costume from last year, this one allows you to stay home for the day doing absolutely nothing. When anyone asks why they didn’t see you on Halloween, you simply argue, “I was dressed as Where’s Waldo.” When they respond with “I didn’t see you,” you reply “That’s because my costume was really, really good, you dummy.” (Thanks to EDel for the inspiration on this one.)

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Unskilled juggler
Wear a jogging suit and a headband and carry around a bag full of random household objects. Every now and then, ask someone at random to choose three items from the bag, which you will then juggle. Don’t worry about whether or not you end up just throwing things in the air only to watch them fall to the ground. You’re dressed as an “unskilled juggler,” so you’re perfectly in character.

Jack the Ripper
We don’t have time to put together a costume that looks like the actual Jack the Ripper. Instead, use a black marker to write the name “Jack” across an old T-shirt and carry around a pack of printing paper. Every few minutes, you show some of that paper who’s boss.

Cut four holes in a large garbage bag for your arms and legs to go through, then loosely tighten the plastic drawstrings around your neck. People are going to ask what you are dressed as, and you’ll answer “Twilight.” Their response will be something like: “But you just look like a big, heaping bag of tra-Ooooooooooh.”

Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities
Go to the Halloween party in whatever you normally wear. When people ask “What are you supposed to be,” answer with “I'm Sydney Carton from A Tale of Two Cities. Didn’t you just love that book?” They’ll respond with “Oh yeah! I totally see it. Great job,” and quickly change the subject. The trick here is that all of us were supposed to read A Tale of Two Cities back in high school, but about 99.99999 percent of that figure only skimmed the back cover and will therefore be in no position to comment on the accuracy of your “costume.”

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