Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday mini-movie: Against the natural order edition

I feel I should give a little warning concerning the above video. Know that, once you see it, it cannot be unseen. The following 35 second go against all you've come to know and understand and, as it did for me, it has the ability to completely changed your worldview.

On a lighter note, my buddy Madikin summed up the pigeon's final thoughts pretty nicely, saying, "Whoa! Time out! Same side, buddy. We're on the same side!!!" This would have been immediately followed by an everlasting darkness.

I guess you could look at this kind of like a new inmate's first day in prison. If you walk in and shank a guy right off the bat, nobody is going to want to mess with you afterwards. Just watch the pelican after he makes a snack out of that pigeon. Absolutely no one, even the birds his own size, want to be anywhere near him.

I guess this is the closest thing to a psychotic break you can find in the animal kingdom. A bird's just walking along, doing nothing out of the ordinary, when suddenly BAM!, he changes the world forever.


peskypepper said...

i am deathly afraid of birds, but i would give anything for that pelican to follow me wherever i went. God Bless him and his secret pigeon-massacre agenda.

Anonymous said...

That pelican is part T-rex.