Friday, September 12, 2008

Check it out: Fringe

I don't do many T.V. posts on because most T.V. is poop. (This statement does not include the likes of Weeds. We love Weeds. We love Weeds so, so much.)

However, being a huge X-Phile, I decided to throw hazard to the wind and give Fringe, often compared to the nine-season juggernaut, a chance. I'm one of the sad few who has yet to get Lost, so jumping in from the beginning of a new series sounded like a winning idea. Especially when the new series comes from J.J. Abrams.

I wanted Fringe to be terrible. If it were terrible, that would mean I don't have to dedicate an hour of my time to being planted square in front of the T.V., no matter what, period, every Tuesday night in order to catch the latest episode.

Unfortunately (fortunately, for most folks), Fringe was pretty dang entertaining. The pilot's story was strong, the acting was great and the script is more or less flawless.

My only complaint is, even at an hour and forty minutes, the introduction felt a little rushed. As the week's pass I'm sure I won't care, but don't expect to get eased into the world with this one. You're given a set-up, then a whooole bunch of stuff gets thrown at you as the show hits the ground running. It's easy to follow and easy to believe (as easy to believe as metal arms, teleportation and time travel can be to believe), though, so there's no fear of becoming lost. (You see what I did there?)

Anyway, damnitalltohell, I plan on sticking with Fringe for a while. So long as the show stays on par with the pilot episode, viewers should be in for a great ride.

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