Friday, June 27, 2008

Rejected t-shirt ideas: Duty

With a bit of help from an outside influence (we shall call her Clue), we're rolling out a new feature here on called "Rejected t-shirt ideas." I'm sure the title of this post gave that away, but for those who move a bit slower than the rest of the pack, there you go.

The idea is simple. We create t-shirts that will most likely never be picked up by any manufacturer who actually wishes to make money. Every other Web site has their own clothing line, so why not, right?

And so, I give you the first entry in our sure-to-be-a-hit feature "Rejected t-shirt ideas." Feel free to print this one out and iron it on to anything and everything within your legal rights.

As for the design, I was considering those inspirational posters with, say, a picture of a wave rolling in and the word "Perseverance" stamped under it. Go into just about any office building in the country and you're likely to find one. Anyway, those things annoy me. As such, I decided to try my hand at creating my own inspirational one-liner/picture combo with plenty of pun.


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