Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Flogging Molly- Live at the Greek Theatre

I'm usually not too keen on live albums. I know it's the wrong way of thinking about it, but I usually feel like I'm paying for an inferior version of songs I already own. When a live album is as good as this recent package offered by Flogging Molly, however, I'll gladly shell out some extra cash.

The thing that sets FM apart from many bands is that their live show carries with it an energy you just can't get on a studio album. Maybe that's not fair. I think a better wording would be that the feel of their live shows somehow translates better to disc.

I don't know if it's Irish magic or the pints of Guinness flowing through band members' veins, but for whatever the reason, it's less an echo-filled collection of “the same old stuff” with fans cheering between numbers and more a revitalization of favorites new and old.

The Greek Theatre release has been masterfully mixed, bringing all the most important sounds to the foreground and making for a terrific sound. Front man Dave King provides some fun banter and, drawing on the energy from the crowd, the whole thing simply makes you feel like you are actually at the show. With a few acoustic numbers thrown in for good measure and a new spin on a few classics, it's easy to recommend this album. I'd go so far as to say several songs actually sound better than their studio counterparts.

This is all well and good, but what pushes Live at the Greek Theatre over the top as a must-own for fans is the fact this two-disc set containing 22 songs also comes with an HD recording of the actual show. Shot with several cameras and lovingly produced, fans can now see their favorite Irish-punk-rock-folk-etc. band in concert whenever they like. Even better is the fact the entire package goes for just ten bucks. That's less than most standard albums these days and, honestly, it's well worth twice that price.

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