Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday mini movies: Little Big Planet edition

I really enjoy Little Big Planet.

Even more than the game itself, though, I absolutely adore the level creator.

I spent well over 10 hours on my first level, which wasn't much to look at, and more than 30 hours apiece on my second and third levels.

I was proud of those levels...Until I came upon certain levels like the one showing above. Not to take anything away from this level that plays itself, but I've seen some that put even this amazing contraption to shame. There are quite a few players out there who have a promising career waiting for them in the videogame industry.

Honestly, I felt like that kid who spent weeks working on a soapbox car I had built up in my mind to be something resembling a supercharged sports car, only to arrive the day of the race to line up my poorly constructed, relatively unsafe pile of plywood and rusty nails alongside Timmy's aerodynamic, candy apple red street machine made entirely out of space age materials.


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