Friday, February 19, 2010

UFC 110: Nogueira vs. Velasquez- Echo calls it

Wow. Talk about a night of heavy hitters. UFC 110 features some of the sport's (physically) biggest combatants ready to tee off on each other for three straight hours. If you like to watch fights for the knockouts, this is likely your night.

You can't call this a "super card" with no belts on the line but, in my mind, this is the most excited I've been for a series of five fights in a while. Looks like a little healthy competition from other promotions is paying off in a big way for the fans.

I expected to have a harder time calling these but, when I sat down and took a good look at the card, my gut started speaking to me on every fight. It's usually not a good idea to ignore your gut. That's a good way to go hungry.

...Moving on then.

Mirco Cro Cop vs. Anthony Perosh
Cro Cop was set to take on Ben Rothwell, which could have been an awesome fight, but Rothwell unfortunately pulled out at the last minute due to illness. The result? Cro Cop is now facing Perosh. I know exactly one thing about Perosh, who I've personally never seen fight before. What I know about him is that Crop Cop will likely be the last thing he sees before waking up from a severe kick-to-the-head-induced coma.

Keith Jardine vs. Ryan Bader
This will be an interesting fight to watch. Bader is a pretty solid competitor on the ground and on his feet and he has good knockout power. He's also undefeated. The thing is, everything but that last bit can be said about the more experienced, dare I say more "mean," Jardine. Jardine has to get his head back on straight and I think he'll achieve this by going to work on that very region of Bader's body. This one, though, is based entirely off of the ole gut. These too feel pretty perfectly matched to me.

Joe Stevenson vs. George Sotiropoulos
Sadly, I know nothing about Sotiropoulos. I'm excited to see him compete for the first time but, when you're going up against a guy like Stevenson, my expectations are that you will most likely be on the losing end of a fight. When you put two submission specialists in the octagon, though, it really could go either way. (Bet officially hedged.)

Wanderlei Silva vs. Michael Bisping
I usually hate people with Bisping's attitude, but I can't help it, I really like the guy. Unfortunately for him, he's once again fighting an older, more experience fighter with a mean streak a mile long. Bisping's a tough competitor, but no way in hell am I calling this one against Silva.

Minotauro Nogueira vs. Cain Velasquez
Velasquez has little experience, but he makes up for that with execution. He moves well, finds his shots and takes them. Add in some serious hurting power and you can see why such a fresh competitor is being thrown to the legendary Minotauro Nogueira. These guys are both brutes and I'm really hoping to see an all-out slugfest to end this night. Still, impressive as Velasquez is, I just can't call this one against Nogueira.

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