Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Games to get in May

Well, now that I have Mario Kart and Metal Gear Online running with GTA IV on the sidelines and ready to consume another fifty hours of my life, let's take a look at some upcoming titles to consume even more of my silly existence. Oh boy!
(Note: The writer does not actually think his life is silly. He is awesome. Thus, his life is awesome.)

6th- Boom Blox
8th- Echochrome (PSN)
12th- Lost Winds (Wii Ware)
15th- Bionic Commando: Rearmed (PSN and XBLA)
19th- Wii Fit
20th- Haze (PS3)

What's this? Three of the titles listed are only available for download? I guess this is shaping up to be the wave of the future. Echochrome's demo was pretty mind-bending and Lost Winds looks like a fun and unique platformer. As for Bionic Commando, the remake just looks awesome. Old school side-scrolling action with a facelift, new weapons, co-op and more? Count me in.

So what about those disc titles? Boom Blox has Stephen Spielberg's name attached to it, and I read somewhere that means I have to recommend it. Actually, it does look kind of interesting. I'll maybe give it a rent. I threw Wii Fit on there because I'm getting a gamer's paunch and simply can't get enough of these damn plastic peripherals Nintendo keeps jamming down our throat.

As for Haze...Well, the game has been delayed a million times, which does not bode well. Also, it's from Ubisoft and, after Vegas 2's online fiasco, I'm not willing to jump on anything with that company attached to it so blindly anymore. Still, the premise is badical and the game looks like a blast to play. I wantses it, but I might wait to see what the online community thinks before I plunk down another sixty bones.

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